Monday, October 12, 2020

15 Minutes For $15K

Investing just 15 minutes could save you $15K (or more) every year. No hidden costs. No commitment. No catch. Just 15 minutes.

So why do so many restaurant owners and managers say "I don't have the time?”  Given the increase in costs

to do business right now, you’d think that saving $15K per year using a free app would be appealing!

Benjamin Franklin called it penny wise, pound foolish.  Others say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Some

just don't like change. Some are hesitant to use a new app.

It’s the same reason people say “I don’t have the time” to most salespeople; it’s a reflex response. They’re

anticipating that our app is going to cost them something or have some catch, or take too much of their attention

to master.

But TableBoost is new and different and simple to use. There are no catches.  Utilizing the latest web technology,

TableBoost is able to automate the equipment management process for repairs, maintenance and purchases for

food service businesses. Prevent equipment failure now so you won’t have to overpay or lose

revenue in the future.  AND businesses can continue to use their existing service providers via the TableBoost app;

or find new ones.

And it doesn't take any more than 15 minutes to learn how to use. In fact, here’s the tutorial video

Help yourself. Try TableBoost. Don’t you have 15 minutes to save $15K?


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