Monday, October 19, 2020

TableBoost Helps Foodservice Businesses Prevent 4 Crazy Mistakes

Last week, Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine published the top four mistakes that drive

service providers crazy. Here’s how using TableBoost can help you avoid making them.

Mistake # 1: Not Thinking Through Installation Early Enough

Installations, start ups and performance checks should all be planned ahead of time with your service providers.

TableBoost schedules these services, provides all equipment related details and creates a permanent record for each

piece of equipment. This saves service providers time, which saves you money, and ensures it is done correctly.

Mistake # 2: Thinking the Warranty Is a Fix-All

With TableBoost storing equipment details, warranty info and the service records for all equipment, it’s easy to

determine what’s covered under a warranty. Also, TableBoost’s recurring maintenance scheduler and record keeping

will avoid having your warranty voided. 

Mistake # 3: Equipment Misuse

One of the biggest misuses of equipment is lack of maintenance.  Pre-schedule all preventive maintenance with

TableBoost which will avoid expensive repairs and ensure that your equipment lasts longer. TableBoost customers

save up to $15K annually in equipment costs.

Mistake # 4: Poor Cleaning

Proper cleaning of commercial kitchen equipment will avoid fires (24,000 fires in US restaurants each year) and

prolong the life of the equipment.  Schedule all regular cleaning thru TableBoost and never fail an inspection again.

These are just a few ways that TableBoost’s FREE app can help you avoid making costly mistakes.  

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