Monday, October 5, 2020

”We’ve always done it that way.”

This way of thinking is dooming many restaurants to fail, especially during COVID!

"We've always done it that way" is the most damaging phrase in the language according to Grace Murray Hopper,  United States Navy Rear Admiral and pioneering American computer scientist. But did you really need her to tell you that? It implies that you haven't questioned that practice in a while. You haven't thought..."hmm, is there a better way to do this?"

While restaurants are embracing new technology for online ordering and marketing, they haven't changed the process for managing their equipment (requesting repairs, scheduling recurring maintenance, purchasing equipment) in forever.  So it is no wonder that most of them are spending way too much on equipment.  Most are still calling service providers and suppliers on the phone, playing voicemail tag, receiving invoices via the mail ... and have no idea how to reduce their costs.  

And because turnover is high at restaurants, it’s very common to have a manager on duty who has no knowledge of who to call to get a piece of equipment repaired or serviced, whether they have a service contract, how much they should be paying, is it under warranty?

Snap out of it! Welcome to the 21st century. There's an app for that called TableBoost.  And it’s FREE.

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