Monday, November 23, 2020

It used to be about the food... Now it’s all about The Clean!

Pre-COVID-19, most customer conversations centered around food, be it the menu choices, quality and taste, serving

portions and price.  But now, it’s all about The Clean, especially across the Northern part of the country as outdoor spaces

close and patrons are deciding whether or not to dine inside. 

If they don’t think your restaurant is sufficiently clean, they won’t dine there and word will get out.

Like it or not, cleaning has become a part of the customer experience.  Think of it as “Clean Theater” without an

elevated, curtained stage.  Instead, your restaurant is the stage, your employees are the actors, and your patrons are

the audience. What they SEE will determine what they think.  

As with any theater production, the actors (your staff) need to be well-rehearsed (trained) and encouraged to perform to

their audience (your customers).  Don’t be afraid to visually maximize cleaning activities (like putting hand sanitizers in

the reception area); direct your staff to smile and talk to your customers as they clean and sanitize dining surfaces.

So as your wait staff “ServSafe”, now your customers need to “SeeSafe”. [link to]

In addition to being vital for your customers’ comfort and well being, your employees need to know that as an owner,

or manager, you are also concerned about their safety.  Engage them in the new protocols and procedures because

after all, you can’t run a successful restaurant without a staff that feels you also care about their safety and well being.

Working together as a theater company and playing to your audience will help make the dining experience in your

restaurant better for everyone.  Break a leg! [link to]

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