Monday, November 9, 2020

Reinventing YOU and Your Catering Business: How to Survive This Pandemic

COVID-19 has been a nightmare. Besides the fact that it is a horrible sickness threatening the lives of millions, it’s also threatening the life of many businesses. For those in the food service industry, the beginning of COVID-19 was survival of the fittest as the U.S. navigated its way through the beginning of a pandemic. As regulations changed, those in the food service industry were left to figure out how to modify or reinvent their business quickly enough to make up for lost time and revenue, while complying with the new regulations. 

This is where TableBoost comes in. We are dedicated to making life easier for those in the food service industry.

So, how can we help you reinvent your business to stay up to date with the times while continuing to do what you love?

Here are some ideas: 

Rebrand your corporate catering company as a small event/ family style meal catering company.

No one is going into the office, and if they are, it is certainly not in big enough numbers where they are having food

catered. This leaves those of you who are usually corporate-catering based left without customers. Try advertising to

appeal to local families and friends, and small organizations (e.g. Rotary Club ) who are getting together in small

groups. This means more locations, and smaller amounts of food. We recommend publishing a weekly menu of

dishes that travel well and can be easily reheated. 

Rebrand yourself as a cloud kitchen for the time being.

Cloud kitchens are delivery-only food services that do not have a physical space for dine-in. Cloud kitchens use online

orders placed through a website or a mobile app. Think of it as a mini catering company. You can remain at your

location, and have those employees who currently deliver for you maintain that position, just for more locations with

smaller amounts of food. 

Start selling your food premade.

You know that special sauce you make that everyone raves about? Keep the secret ingredient to yourself and sell it

in jars! Selling your food pre-made where people can easily access it without having to do a full catering order is very “COVID-19 friendly” because people are less likely to cater a meal when money is tight. 

Start a virtual cooking class!

Put your cooking skills to good use. With many working from home, they have a little bit more time on their hands to try

new things. Offer some paid virtual cooking classes (maybe even some meals that require your jarred homemade famous

sauce?). It brings in pocket change, and recognition of your business.

And last but not least, download TableBoost!

Pandemic or not, TableBoost handles to all of your kitchen-maintenance needs. No matter what, you are still going

to be utilizing the kitchen, requiring repairs, maintenance and occasionally replacement of equipment. Making sure

to keep your restaurant equipment running well and avoiding expensive equipment repair is a sure way to stay on top

of things and keep your business running smoothly and profitably. 


With so much going on, it is hard not to be overwhelmed. But if you take this as an opportunity to move forward and do something new and exciting, you can open a door of endless new possibilities! 

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