Monday, December 21, 2020

It’s a Matter of When, Not If

Your equipment is going to breakdown, and soon!

Every day there are 3,100 emergency repairs required in US restaurants. EVERY DAY!  So, sooner or later it’s going to happen to you.

Unfortunately during COVID, many restaurants and hotels have been forced to defer whatever expenses they can which means equipment

is not being maintained/replaced as often as it should be.  This will lead to increased equipment failure. When this happens, the business is at

risk of losing revenue, providing a poor experience to customers, being stuck with huge repair bills, and having to replace equipment. It

significantly impacts profitability every time and it happens way too often.

So be prepared by using the free TableBoost app to better manage equipment so that emergency repairs happen much less frequently and when

they do happen, they can be dealt with quickly.  

And if equipment cannot be repaired:

- TableBoost can provide multiple competitive bids in minutes (so you always get the best price)

- Our partner, Ascentium Capital, can help with 100% financing (including delivery and installation)

- Our partner, PartRunner, can get your equipment delivered Same Day

We are here to help with the inevitable “when.”

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