Tuesday, December 8, 2020

TableTip #2

TableTip # 2 

Posting Manager Notes

(like today’s specials)

It‘s easy to communicate information on a daily or weekly basis to your employees and management team using a TableBoost ticket.

For example:  Post the info that you normally communicate verbally at pre-shift meetings including Today's Menu Specials

Watch this video 


Follow these steps:

1. Add a New Ticket

2. Select Type "For Employees - Internal"

3. Leave the Equipment blank, hit Next

4. Click No, it is not recurring

5. Assign all Users who should be receiving this information 

6.Change Ticket Title to "Daily Manager's Notes and Today's Specials”

7. In the Details field, enter today's date and enter the info the manager wants to communicate including Today's Menu Specials

That's it.

If you run out of a special, you can simply update the details section "Out of carrots, so substituting squash" and everyone will receive a notification of the change.

The next day you can simply re-use the same ticket by just updating the date and the details.  Or you can create a new ticket.

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