Tuesday, December 8, 2020

TableTip #3

TableTips # 3

Assigning Employee Tasks


It is simple to assign one-time tasks (e.g. “Put up the Holiday lights”) or recurring tasks (e.g. “Change the Fryer oil every Friday…) to one or more employees.

Watch this Video.


Follow these steps:

1. Add a New Ticket

2. Select Type "For Employees - Internal"

3. Select the Equipment related to the task or Leave the Equipment blank, hit Next

4. Click No, it is not recurring

5. Assign the User(s) 

6. Change Ticket Title to reflect what the task is e.g. "Clean Restrooms at End of Shift"

7. In the Details field, enter today’s date and any relevant instructions.  "Clean the sinks and toilet and mop the floor. Update this ticket as Work Completed when you are done."

That's it.

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