Tuesday, January 26, 2021

TableBoost Customers Will Win Big in 2021

We are really bullish on the Hospitality Industry in 2021, especially for our hotel and restaurant customers. Why? Here are a few reasons:

  1. COVID Recedes - Federal and State COVID relief programs will help our customers survive, and COVID 

restrictions will start to loosen as the vaccine is administered.. This will result in consumers and 

business people getting back to restaurants and hotels.  Click here for the latest info on COVID relief.  

  1. Pent Up Demand - Not only will consumers and businesses be going out, but predictions are that pent up 

demand will drive higher than normal spending in hospitality (e.g everyone needs that vacation they 

cancelled in 2020, and to get together with friends and family). Because so many hospitality companies 

went out of business, there are fewer remaining businesses open to receive this pent up demand.

  1. Lean Staffing - Hospitality businesses that survived did so with fewer employees, so they now know how to 

operate with less staff than pre-COVID and will continue to do so.

  1. Take-out isn’t going away - Those restaurants who ramped up their take-out business will see it drop some, 

but it will remain much higher than pre-covid and their dine-in business will come back, so all together will 

result in more business.

  1. Cost Savings and efficiency - During COVID, many hospitality businesses studied their spending to find 

areas where they could reduce costs and operate more efficiently. Leveraging technology was a big 

focus including TableBoost’s facilities management app that helps its customers reduce equipment related 

costs by 25% and run efficiently with a leaner staff [www.tableboost.com]. 

  1. TableBoost’s Marketplace of Partners - TableBoost continues to add new partners who offer discount pricing 

and rebates on purchases and services, finding thousands of $ in tax credits, offer financing of equipment, 

same day delivery, replacement parts, and cutting edge technology to help in other areas 

[https://tableboost.com/#partners]. TableBoost will continue to add more partners and more savings for its 

customers.  More news to come soon!

Q1 will be slow as the COVID vaccine won’t have been rolled out extensively yet, but after that the floodgates will open. Don’t wait until you are swamped to implement cost savings and efficiency improvements. Contact TableBoost now to learn how you can cost costs in a number of areas using our app and through our marketplace of partners as well!!

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Monday, January 18, 2021

The Best Outdoor Dining During a Winter Pandemic: Keeping Customers Warm and Cozy

It is definitely winter time in America, and all across our northern states and in neighboring Canada, restaurants are choosing how to stay open for

curbside pickup, delivery only, operating indoors using only a fraction of their capacity, winter hibernation, or closing their business altogether. 

We are spotlighting a few restaurateurs, in select cities, who are choosing to battle the elements and have come up with some very creative ways

of keeping their customers safely eating outdoors while protected from Mother Nature.


After a month-long, city-wide mandate closed all restaurants, bars, and breweries in December, businesses are cautiously reopening at 25%

capacity for indoor dining.  But a few of them were able to stay open, outdoors, for the month of December.  Bob Gross, owner/manager

of Inlet Tower PubHouse  started planning last summer.  He purchased several domes, or igloos, that combined with extra ramping and heating,

has enabled him to remain open utilizing the additional outdoor space he can use year round.


Igloos are not new to Buffalo -- the first ones opened pre pandemic in 2018 at Tappo Restaurant’s downtown rooftop.  But restaurant owners have

more recently added greenhouses and hut dining  into this mix.  With lots of winter options for locals and visitors, Foursquare Buffalo City Guide

published a list of 15 restaurants for outdoor winter dining earlier this month.


With $500,000 from DoorDash to help support outdoor winterization, the Office of the Mayor  sponsored a first-ever Winter Dining Challenge for

community members to reimagine the outdoor winter dining experience in Chicago.  An Outdoor Block Party, Cozy Cabins and Japanese-style

Heated Tables were the 3 winners out of more than 600 entrants. The winners each received $5,000 and were chosen by a team of judges that

included architects, designers, chefs, restaurateurs, and servers.

New York City

Currently, restaurants are limited to outdoor dining, takeout and delivery.  Which means restaurant owners in Manhattan and the other boroughs have become quite creative with their outdoor seating overtaking sidewalks and parking. It’s a different city during the pandemic with few pedestrians and a lot less auto traffic.  Eater NY has compiled a list of 15 Restaurants for Cozy Outdoor Dining in Manhattan featuring outdoor tents, cabanas, individual booths and more.  They will be updating the list  throughout the winter, so check back often.

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Monday, January 11, 2021

Evolve or Die means lower staffing levels post-Covid

A recent Deloitte report “Pandemic Accelerates Demand for Restaurant of the Future points out that restaurants won’t survive if they don’t change their processes, staffing levels and systems.  

Much of the talk on this topic has focused on front of the house areas like online ordering, delivery, etc. but many

savvy restaurateurs realize that even after COVID they won’t be able to be profitable if they return to pre-COVID

staffing levels. The increase in take-out and delivery is here to stay, which means lower levels of dine-in, even

after COVID. The combination of new costs (online ordering and delivery) and loss of high margin sales

(liquor, appetizers, desserts) and increased minimum wage, means that restaurants will have to cut costs

everywhere they can AND operate with much lower staff levels (fewer managers and waitstaff) from now on.

Operating with less staff means that your operations must be more efficient. One area of operations that is

usually very inefficient is facilities management (repairs, maintenance and replacement of equipment and systems).

Managers are in charge of keeping the equipment up and running but often neglect proper maintenance

and have no time to get multiple bids from service providers and suppliers. With fewer managers to oversee all

of this, the problems will just get worse and more expensive to resolve when things go wrong. 

Very few restaurants use technology to help them streamline their facilities management processes and this

is exactly what they now need to do.  There are many facilities management solutions on the market, including

TableBoost which is the only FREE app.

“Evolve or Die” means that you need to get a tech solution to manage your equipment -- don’t die!

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Monday, January 4, 2021

Kicking Off With Hospitality in 2021

Welcome 2021 -- you couldn’t have gotten here soon enough!  We believe that 2021 will be a good year for the

Hospitality Industry driven by the emergence from COVID, pent up demand, and the need for more efficient operations. We will discuss this in detail in our next blog.

2021 will be a great year for TableBoost as well, as we grow our team and our customer-base, launch our hotel business

and roll-out our

franchise focused products. 

Hotels - Early Success

At the end of 2020, TableBoost implemented our first hotels and discovered how well our existing app works for them.

In fact, the cost savings and time savings that TableBoost provides each hotel is four times as much as for a restaurant

due to the amount of equipment and systems that require maintenance and upgrades.

Hotel Division

So TableBoost has created a Hotel Division and will be investing in enhancing our app, adding partners and growing our

team to better support our hotel customers.

We started by hiring Darshan Gandhi to run our Hotel Division. Darshan is a second generation hotel owner and

industry veteran with experience running a hotel management company.

Hotel Product Enhancements

Next we have started implementing our hotel specific product enhancement roadmap including:

  • Brand Specific Setup (pre-configured for equipment, approved vendors, BSA)

  • Guest Issues (tracking and resolution workflow)

  • Preventative Maintenance (checklists)

  • BSA (checklists and workflow) 

  • Guest Survey/Medallia (integration, resolution and tracking)  

  • 3rd Party Partners (discounted pricing and services) 

Franchise / Brand Specific Features and Programs

TableBoost has also committed to optimizing our app for specific brands, starting with:

Hotels = Holiday Inn Express, Comfort Inn, Best Western, Hampton Inn, Fairfield Inn & Suites, Home2Suites

QSRs = Subway, Mooyah Burgers, TacoBell/KFC, Popeyes

We are excited for all the opportunities that lie ahead of us in the Hospitality Industry in 2021!!!

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