Monday, January 11, 2021

Evolve or Die means lower staffing levels post-Covid

A recent Deloitte report “Pandemic Accelerates Demand for Restaurant of the Future points out that restaurants won’t survive if they don’t change their processes, staffing levels and systems.  

Much of the talk on this topic has focused on front of the house areas like online ordering, delivery, etc. but many

savvy restaurateurs realize that even after COVID they won’t be able to be profitable if they return to pre-COVID

staffing levels. The increase in take-out and delivery is here to stay, which means lower levels of dine-in, even

after COVID. The combination of new costs (online ordering and delivery) and loss of high margin sales

(liquor, appetizers, desserts) and increased minimum wage, means that restaurants will have to cut costs

everywhere they can AND operate with much lower staff levels (fewer managers and waitstaff) from now on.

Operating with less staff means that your operations must be more efficient. One area of operations that is

usually very inefficient is facilities management (repairs, maintenance and replacement of equipment and systems).

Managers are in charge of keeping the equipment up and running but often neglect proper maintenance

and have no time to get multiple bids from service providers and suppliers. With fewer managers to oversee all

of this, the problems will just get worse and more expensive to resolve when things go wrong. 

Very few restaurants use technology to help them streamline their facilities management processes and this

is exactly what they now need to do.  There are many facilities management solutions on the market, including

TableBoost which is the only FREE app.

“Evolve or Die” means that you need to get a tech solution to manage your equipment -- don’t die!

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