Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Hoteliers: Get Things Fixed Fast!

Have you ever been staying at a hotel and didn’t notice the bathroom sink was dripping until you were in bed and turned off the TV?  Or how about the last time you checked into your room and the WiFi wasn’t working?  Or your air conditioning wasn’t cooling the room enough?  These are all common problems and how quickly they get resolved will determine whether or not your guests return to, and recommend, your property.  


With enhanced facilities management and communications using TableBoost, you can get all guest issues resolved and your equipment fixed fast.  The guest notifies you there’s a problem (e.g. toilet is leaking) or makes a request (e.g. bring another pillow), then our app starts communicating between housekeeping, maintenance and front desk, assigning and tracking the issue until the issue is resolved.  And if your staff can’t resolve the issue quickly, the app will also contact your outside service providers (e.g. electrician) and suppliers when needed.


Besides helping with guest requests, repairs and maintenance, you can schedule all of the routine maintenance for public areas like the pool, fitness center and lobby.  You’ll be prepared for all of your upcoming inspections and have proof of maintenance. It is all accessible from any device (smartphone, ipad or pc) and management can always see what is happening at all of their properties.


Using TableBoost will help with all of your hotel equipment maintenance, repair and replacement while ensuring your guests have a great experience!  Click here to sign up for your free trial.



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