Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Resolving Guest Issues Quickly is Key to Hotel Success

Similar to their restaurant counterparts, hotels have lots of equipment to maintain, repair and occasionally replace.  But  hotels have much more equipment

and systems and a lot more public spaces like their main lobbies, fitness centers and pool areas.  Then there are the hotel rooms themselves, often

numbering in the hundreds.  Think of everything that’s in a hotel guest room that needs to be inventoried and maintained... all of the plumbing fixtures,

air conditioning and heating, linens, pillows, window treatments, flooring, coffee makers, lamps, alarm clocks, WiFi connectivity, TVs, hair dryers, and door

locks.  If any single one of these items is not working properly, it has a negative impact on the guest experience.

Therefore, the communication and coordination among hotel staff needs to be very efficient.  The front desk staff must be able to effortlessly

communicate guest issues to housekeeping and operations personnel. Housekeeping and Maintenance staff need to receive and resolve issues

quickly, including getting 3rd party vendors (e.g. electricians) to repair and replace equipment and systems. All staff must be able to communicate

with each other and with the Front Desk and Management to keep their guests comfortable and well cared for.  Technology like TableBoost can

help hotels do this. Preventing these problems from happening in the first place is another important task, and TableBoost helps do this.   

TableBoost’s FREE app has been enhanced so that hotels can better communicate, track and resolve guest issues as they arise and preventative

maintenance.  There are simply too many things going on with day-to-day hotel operations, to rely on walkie talkies, face to face communications,

voicemail and email.  Enhancing the customer experience via quick guest issue resolution can all be managed using TableBoost’s technology on

your smartphone and computer.  

Visit tableboost.com and start improving your customer experience today!

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