Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Low Cost Technology Will Boost Your Hotel’s Profits

The hotel industry has suffered tremendously during the COVID pandemic, so it is important to use every resource

you can to keep your hotel thriving. With the help of technology, you can attract new customers, reduce costs, save

time, and keep your business running smoothly and efficiently, while simultaneously enhancing guest satisfaction.

Technology moves fast, and customers expect you to, also. 

So how can you save all of this money and time with the help of technology?

Answer:  Hospitality Apps and online services. 

That’s right! There are low cost apps out there that can help manage your equipment and vendors, can track inventory,

manage your facilities, engage your customers, find you the best prices, and so much more. 

Take Source1 Purchasing  for example, a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) that negotiates better terms directly

with manufacturers on rebates and discounts on behalf of their 10,000 hotel customers. Membership is free, they do

all the work, and you get the discounted pricing and collect the rebate checks. 

What about services for your hotel’s restaurant? There are apps for that as well. 

Online services like Upserve provide payment processing, point of sale and valuable insights to boost margins, while

a low cost app like TableBoost helps you save money on equipment repairs, maintenance and purchasing, and resolving

guest issues quickly.

There are so many ways to cut costs through technology, whether that’s using an app to get the best price or an online service to automate processes that are currently done manually. 

Save your time and money and look to the new world of technology, it is there to help. 

Check out some great apps and services for hotels and restaurants on the TableBoost Marketplace.

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