Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Restaurant Subscriptions - Great Concept & Provides Guaranteed Revenue

In these times of COVID those in the restaurant industry are being forced to get creative. Outdoor dining is tough in

the cold weather, and takeout revenue is far from guaranteed when you’re competing with hundreds of other local

restaurants who are all trying to grow their takeout business.

So, what options are there?  How can you differentiate?

How about the restaurant subscription! The newest creative way to guarantee hot meals for the week for your best

customers, and predictable income for your restaurant. 

So what is a restaurant subscription? 

Restaurant subscriptions are when the customer buys from the restaurant up front at a discount, and they get

meals delivered weekly. Delivery time and what is in the box varies based on the customer’s preferences

(e.g. the same two meals and appetizer each week, plus a seafood special).

There are many reasons why the restaurant subscription is a good switch up from the usual takeout order, but

here are just a few:

  1. Guaranteed income for the restaurant because your customers pay upfront for all of their meals. 

  2. It offers customers diverse, delicious meals without the cooking time for busy weeknights, or date night. 

  3. Saves customers the time and effort of ordering every night as they would with takeout. 

  4. According to Restolabs, “the revenue generated by the subscriptions are way more than a single business transaction”.

The subscription creates a sense of stability for the business and the customer. Keep it in mind the next time you’re

brainstorming new ideas for your business. 




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