Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Celebrity Ghost Kitchens: Are They Here to Stay?

Celebrity chefs have been slow to warm up to the use of ghost kitchens but Rachel Ray to Go and

Rick Bayless’ Tortas Frontera in Chicago are two who’ve endorsed the concept.  Easily the chef who

has most embraced using ghost kitchens is Guy Fieri who has amassed an amazing 173

FlavorTown Kitchens in 33 states and the District of Columbia.  These are three celebrity chefs we know from television and the media.

But during the pandemic, the term “celebrity chef” has taken on a whole new meaning: non-chef celebrities

who are also getting in on the ghost kitchen act.  In doing so, they are creating greater awareness

of their own brands and include rapper Wiz Khalifa, YouTuber entrepreneur/philanthropist MrBeast,

hip-hop artist Tyga, DJ Pauly D, actor/television presenter Mario Lopez, and singer/songwriter Mariah Carey.Interestingly, they are all part of the entertainment business, an industry that’s also been hard hit by the pandemic.

Who knows how celebrity ghost kitchens will fare as restaurants open up for indoor dining again, but it’s

clear that, at the very least, Chef Fieri will have a wealth of country-wide market research to help him if he

decides to open more brick and mortar restaurants.  When we emerge from the pandemic, let’s hope that

celebrities can go back to being celebrities, and true celebrity chefs can be chefs!

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